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"I alway's was a rebel...but on the other hand, I wanted to be loved and accepted...and not just be a loudmouth, lunatic, poet, musician. But I cannot be what I am not."


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Last Update was 8/28/00

John combined his individualist nature with the heart and soul of his music. By doing that he made us think whether we wanted to or not (the greatest thing that a musician can do) It is a testiment to the spirit of John Lennon that he can STILL bring people together long after his death as he had when he was still alive. In the song "God" John sang '..the dream is over..' but I disagree. As long as John's memory and spirit is still among us the dream will NEVER be over.

Always stop to dream and to 'imagine' sometime during the day. I was a Beatle fan since my early childhood in the early 70s. Everybody knew I was even down to the principal of my elementary school. When John was taken away from us that night, my Mom, Dad, and I were returning to Dayton OH (where we lived then) from visiting family in London, KY (where I live now) I woke the next morning to go back to school and Mom walked into my room and told me John had been killed.

At first I didn't believe her and thought it was just some trick she was trying to pull to get me out of bed. Then I heard the TV in the living room. It was tuned to Good Morning America. Murray The K was a guest. I heard them talking about it.

My heart sank. Mom let me stay home from school. I was in the 5th grade. Mom went to the school and told them I would be off from school. Mom told me that the principal, Mr. Trent, said that he thought of me the first thing when he heard the news. John may not be physically with us now but we must keep the dream. going.

Jeff Baker~

I would like to thank John for keeping me sane, for filling up my chilhood with memories that have allowed me to return again and again to that special place that only he and I and everyone who wanted to could go. He has bewildered, angered, and shocked me at times, but he has always been a fascinating character who dared to live as he chose, and changed us all in the process.
Mostly, his music is what could draw you into his heart and make you see the gentle anguished soul behind the bravado. We will always love and be grateful to him.


The Beatles made me laugh immoderately, the way I used to laugh as a child...Their wit was just so keen and sharp-John Lennon's, especially. They all had this wonderful quality- it wasn't innocence, but everything was new to them.  They were..finding out about the world and trying to make sense of it." ~ ? ?


John was the one that started it all for us.He was always the inspiration to try new things and write what he felt and observed.But he was still a "Rocker" and would alwaysgive us a shot of Rock & Roll to remind us thats where his roots were.

Although his solo material was "too heavy" for most people,thru his music he was one of the first to lead us in the worlds struggle for peace and the end of prejudiceses and violence.He was and still is a big influence in my life and to many of his contemperarys to this day!John's life was to short,but we still have his music and the music of the greatest Rock & Roll band that he brought together for all to cherish till the end of time!

Truely an ambassador of "Peace & Love"! Lennon Power forever!

Dr Wnston O'Boogie aka Mike~

I was touched by the beatles at an early age. it got to the point that my mom threatened to throw me and my beatles collection out of the house if i brought one more beatles record into the house. fortunately she never made good on that threat. i just couldn't believe it when i'd heard the news, oh boy. the dream truly was over, the nightmare had begun.


We were robbed of a great man and musician that day, but it would be wrong to hate MDC , because that is exactly what john spent the last twelve years of his life fighting against. Let God judge him.

Stephen Wynne~

I love John! I was born 1984...but I still have managed to cry over the whole thing!! He's so awesome! I just went to New York and when I saw the doorway of the Dakota, I just started sobbing. It made it all very clear! I put flowers on the Imagine thing in Strawberry Feilds and couldn't stop staring. I want to be notified when this page thing happens!


I always liked John Lennon's music.Music just hasn't been the same without his gift. Music truely died when he was taken from this world.



Thomas Luna~

It's hard to believe that someone who had already been stolen from the world by the time I was 2yrs. old could have impacted my life so greatly. On this Dec. 8, 1999 I would just like to say, John, wherever you are, the message lives on, you will never be forgotten. Your soul transcends all time.


John, your quest for peace was so perfect in its conception that the effect of your work will never be forgotton. Every time we hear IMAGINE we remember. You gave us the desire to continue where you could not. Where you were silenced by evil, we will sing on. All you said was GIVE PEACE A CHANCE. LOVE IS ALL WE NEED. May peace cover this Earth.. We echo your plea to all - If there is a war, do not fight. We love you John, may your music, your sons and your dream be in our hearts for ever.


John Lennon and his tunes will FOREVER stay ALIVE in this home !!!!!YES Give PEACE a chance is the correct concept!!!!! God bless you ALL!!!!!!


We will never forget what John has given us. In his smile, wit, love and incredible music, John was the person that we all want to be. John gave us life and lost his. Remember, John is here, in part, though not in body.

When someone like him, as spectacular as him, walks the earth, it will not be John Lennon. John was John. John is John. And for who he is, for what he gave, we will always love him. John, you are the star of this millenium. Lead us into the next...


John. I remember so clearly hearing of his murder that day. I could feel my tears on my face before I'd even realized I was crying. I felt sick, the way you do when you hear of tragedies happening to good people. I wanted it to go away. To "not be". Most of all, I wanted to know why. I still do.

I love and miss you John, very much.


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