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"Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear."

John Lennon~


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John Lennon was a talented man. He was and will always be a profound person in our lives. It is a great pleasure to encounter the wonderful works he produced and made.



I found your web page on club webtv. I think it"s great! Keep up the good work! Beatles For Ever! LENNON LIVES!



It sucks that chapman had to kill such a great man for no reason!



I love your tribute.I was almost 6 when he died and I remember crying my eyes out that day.



John, Knew how to write what I felt but didn't know how to say. I miss him still. A friend sent me your page




When John died I was informed by a co-worker. On the way home I listened to the news on the radio. All of my friends and family had grown to love the Beatles and their music and could not believe what had happened.

In the next few days all the radio stations joined together for a moment of silence and followed with the song "Starting Over" it brought tears to our eyes. Even my mother was weeping. The loss of this talent was a great one.

Mark Granados~


John Lennon was an artistic wonder.His contribution to music is incredible. His legacy will last forever.

Miss you John!

Donna Shaw~


we all love john lennon some ways in our lives.

Kathy Smeltzer~


I was at his vigil with my sister af my brother. We held a candle in his honor. I'm in the book, I Forgot the name of it but the three of us are in it.



John..can't really remember how or when it happened.. I've always been a die-hard Paul girl.   Then one night, in my dreams, I found myself dreaming of John. There's just something about him..when you look in his eyes..

I guess I'll just have to cop out by using Paul's own words (1999): "John is always just in my soul." ~ I miss you Johnny.




Chris Cooling~


I became a Beatle fan,when i first heard their music on the radio.back in 1964.if you`re old enough to remember`s something you will never forget...i remember waking up that morning and the radio stations were playin nothing but Beatle music,did`nt know what was going on...till they said that John had been killed...very sad rock history..



I was sitting at dinner with my wife,A vision came to my mind.I said someone,very great is going to die.

I said they have long hair,the visions was a tite abstract. Later that night,I couldn't sleep,the phone rang.A friend from Flordia called and said John Lennon had just been shot to death.I cried and just wished the earlier vision would have been more clear.

I would have called,I would have flown,just anything to have stopped the shooting.I,just like millions of others,miss the greatest talent and one of the greatest men who ever graced this earth.

Robin Lee McNealy~


I was almost 6 when John was shot.That was one of the most tragic times in my life,within 1 year I lost my grandparents and John.I don't think I ever cried so much in my life as I did then.John lives on in my heart and mind and will never be forgotten.Thank you for letting me speak my mind on John,one of the greatest men to ever walk this earth.



I love john lennon. his music will always live on in my heart.



This page has brought tears to my eyes. Some happy, some sad. John was my inspiration in life. I got into the Beatles in my early teens. I grew to love Joh the most. His eagerness for peace and passion for love were most admirable. Love and Peace to all!!!


He was the musical genius of our time. His spirit will live in us forever.


I'm a first generation Beatles fan,and John was always my favorite!

He as a very unigue person who influenced my life in many ways. Losing John felt just like losing a family member. I hope to meet him one fay in heaven.


Its the 60's in Union City,NJ and I'm walking the snowy streets in the evening,crunching the snow in my laced-up granny boots and wearing a big mouton fur coat from the salvation army and humming his songs.

"Let it Be"

Barb Watson~

John Lennon was a great man. I was only two years old when he was killed so I don't remember. But by listening to his music, I feel as though I know him. He has made me a better person - the best I can be and I thank you John!! We all love and miss you!!


It seems all heroes have to leave before their time. I was born a year after he died, but his music still touches me more than any other. There is something in his voice, that makes it seem his singing just to you. It's slightly nasal, but thats what I like about it. It's so sad that he's not here; think of all he could of done.

I wasn't here to experience "Beatlemania", but I like to think I am experiencing it on my own, and that their my own band now. I think I'm the only 17 year old girl who thinks Paul McCartney is hot.


My life changed dramatically and completely on 12-08-80. Fighting bitterness, loss, cynicism, and anger ever since. Perhaps after 19 years now i've mellowed in my early forties, yet my youth was stolen from me that night, something you just cannot get over fully.

I remained a child of the 60's until then, afterwards the world seemed colder. i still miss him deeply.


Recently,I have started listening to the Beatles and John Lennon after being away from their music for awhile. My daughter is now 15 and in the last 2 weeks has become a fan of the Beatles and John Lennon's solo career.

She has much of their sheet music and sits at the piano and when she plays "Imagine" it brings back so many memories that I had growing up with the Beatles and this wonderful contribution that John made not only to music, but to our individual lives by hearing a mere song that can take us back to a happy and exciting time in our lives.

Now my daughter is experiencing this and she too, will one day, remember how much this man meant to her life through her memories. Thanks John from Lynn and Marla. For now you are at peace with yourself and have nor worries of this world.


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