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Welcome to my Beatles MixUp page.
What is it? It's a game to see how well you know the Beatles songs. Click on a file and listen close. Can you name all the songs in each snip? Each file features 5 songs recorded by the Beatles. Some are really easy and some may be a bit harder depending on how good you know the songs.

So go ahead and name that tune! This section is new and I will be adding more as I make them. At the bottom of the page you will find a link to all the answers.
Have Fun!

Last Update 1/7/02

Beatles MixUp 1

Beatles MixUp 2

Beatles MixUp 3

Beatles MixUp 4

Beatles MixUp 5

Beatles MixUp 6

Beatles MixUp 7

Beatles MixUp 8

Beatles MixUp 9

Beatles MixUp 10

~Click here for answers~

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