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Ok so you wanna know the answers huh? Well ok here are the sound bites again and the answers as well.

Come back again! I'll be adding more soon! Hope you had fun with this Beatle brain teaser. :-)

Beatles MixUp 1

Revolution 9, Only A Northern Song, Think For Yourself, Paperback Writer, The Inner Light.

Beatles MixUp 2
I'm Down, I Feel Fine, Yes It Is, Two Of Us, Old Brown Shoe

Beatles MixUp 3
I Am The Walrus, Strawberry Fields, Words Of Love, Happy Just To Dance With You, Tell Me What You See

Beatles MixUp 4
Yellow Submarine, Benefit of Mr Kite,Lovely Rita, Polythene Pam,Misery

Beatles MixUp 5
Lovely Rita, Piggies, Love Me Do, Bad Boy, She's A Woman

Beatles MixUp 6
Run For Your Life, Michelle, Golden Slumbers, I'll Get You, Little Child

Beatles MixUp 7

Dr Robert, I'm Only Sleeping, You Can't Do That, For You Blue, What Goes On

Beatles MixUp 8
The Word, Bungalow Bill, Hey Bulldog,You Know My Name, Ballad of John & Yoko

Beatles MixUp 9
Within You Without You, Look What You're Doing, Happy Just To Dance With You, Ticket To Ride, The Night Before

Beatles MixUp 10
Fixing A Hole, Your Going To Lose That Girl, Sexy Sadie, Honey Pie, Carry That Weight/The End (Ringo's Drum Solo)

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