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Lisa's Beatles Trivia

Lisa's Groovy Beatles Site
1) Who thought up the name The Beatles?
2) Who came up with the title A Hard Day's Night
3) Who Keeps A 10 Bob note up his nose?
4) What Is Paul's Middle Name?
5) What Color Was Lucy's Sky?
6) Who Played Electric Piano on Get Back
7) Whick Beach Boy went to India to visit the Maharishi?
8) How many pics of each beatle is on the cover of A Hard Day's Night?
9) What day of the week is mentioned in I Am The Walrus?
10) Who recorded Paul's song "goodbye"?
11) Who was the ony NON Beatle ever credited on a Beatles record
12) What was the working title to "With A Little Help From My Friends?
13) On the song Dear Prudence who's Prudence?
14) Which Beatles movie won the oscar for best original score?
15) Which 2 future beatles wives attended the Shea Stadium concert?
16) Who Played Kazoo on Ringo's hit You're 16
17) Who, during a night of acid tripping, helped John with the lyrics to Happiness Is A Warm Gun?
18) Where did George write Here Comes The Sun?
19) What brand of gum wrapper does Paul wrap himslef in during a sceen in"help"?
20) Which Beatles are left handed?
21) Who is holding a french horn on the cover of Pepper?

Lisa's Groovy Beatles Site